Chapter 30

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sam pov

i woke up the next morning with selena in my arms, our nude bodies against eachother.

i smiled and kissed the back of her head.

she turned around in my arms and i let go of her.

she tangled her fingers in mine and looked up into my eyes.

"morning." she said in her cute morning voice.

i smiled and kissed her hand, "morning."

i gently stroked her cheek with my other hand and she closed her eyes.

"i'm so happy you're home."

i smiled and nodded, "me too beautiful. me too."

she smiled and we moved closer and connected our lips, and started making out for a while until, there was a knock on the door, "sammy, sel. breakfast."

selena pulled away and chuckled, "perfect timing." she said.

i smiled and looked at the door, "be right down." i said.

selena kissed me sweetly, "let's take a shower shall we?" i said.

she nodded and stood up.

i stood up but instantly fell to the floor.

"sam!" selena ran over.

"are you okay?"

i groaned and blinked a few times.

"yeah. yeah i'm fine." i said and stood up.

selena held my arm and i looked at her and she was overly worried.

i smiled and kissed her reassuringly.

"babe. i'm fine. promise." i said.

she sighed, "okay..." i smiled and put on a tight shirt and sweats.

selena put on my big sweatshirt over her short pajama shorts.

we decided to take a shower later and eat first.

we walked down the stairs and sat at the counter.

mom and mandi made breakfast apparently.

"sam. try this!" mandi handed me a rainbow pancake and selena cracked up.

"oh we go diabetes." i said and mom laughed at the stove. she died her hair back to normal and cut it so it was short, near her shoulders but pretty and blonde. she got it done before i woke up.

i ate the food and smiled.

mandi smiled brightly, impatiently.

"it's great mands. thank you." she smiled and trotted off.

i took out my napkin and spit it into it.

"dear god. it tastes like pure sugar." i said and chuckled.

selena laughed, "oh dear."

when i sat up i felt that burning feel in my throat again.

"oh god." i said and put my hand over my mouth.

"sam? you okay?" selena said.

i stood up and sprinted to the bathroom.

taylor pov

"sam? you okay?" i heard selena say.

i shot around and saw sam holding her mouth.

she stood up and sprinted away.

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