Chapter 54

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selena pov

babies wailing woke sam up.

she sat up and walked to their room.

she went to their cribs and took them both out.

she held them on both arms while on a rocking chair, "shh. it's okay. mommy's here. i'm here. mama's here." she said.

they kept crying and crying.

"i know i know. i miss her's okay. it'll be okay." she rocked back and forth.

i jumped up in bed.

i looked next to me and saw sam sleeping, her arms around me now on her side.

my 8 month pregnant stomach bulging.

i sighed and lay back down.

i felt harder kicks.

i groaned in pain and turned to my side.

much better.

i closed my eyes again and fell asleep.


sam pov

"she has placenta previa mom. if she gives birth through c-section she could die. they said a regular delivery is too risky and there'll be too much blood. mom i can lose her. i don't want to lose her and be a single parent." i cried and put my head on her chest as we rested on her bed.

selena is with demi and miley.

they said they'd call if anything happened.

"Oh my god sammy that's horrible." Mom said and rubbed my arm.

"Selena is strong. She can and she will pull through." I sighed, "i hope so..."

My phone rang,


I quickly answered, "are you okay? What happened?" I asked.

She laughed, "babe relax i'm fine don't worry okay? I just wanted to say hi and how you're doing."

"Oh. i'm good babe. How are you feeling?"

"Good. We're going to the studio okay? I'll see you at home."

"Okay. I love you sel."

"I love you too baby."

I hung up and saw i had a missed call from the jail.

"Shit." I said.

"What's wrong?" Mom asked.

"My birth mom called."


"I have to go. I said i'd visit today." i said and stood up.

"Right now? But i'm alone." She said.

"You can come with me if you want." I offered.

Her face showed that she wasn't so sure, "i guess..."

I smiled and reached my hand out. She took it and we walked downstairs.


"Hey." I said and sat down.

She smiled, "hey sammy. Hi taylor."

"terry." Mom said.

"Oh here. I forgot to give this to you yesterday." I said and handed her the last sonogram.

She smiled, "how is selena doing with everything? You said she has placenta previa? How's she dealing with it?"

"Good. But she's just putting on a strong face. She is scared i can tell."

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