Chapter 74

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taylor pov

we walked around and ended up at a cemetary.

"why are we here?" i asked.

"look around." john said and sat on his gravestone.

he dusted it off and i walked around.

i noticed people at the top of a hill.

i walked up and saw one girl's face.


john came behind me, "yep."

"and sam? a younger sam?" i asked as i looked at a 16 year old girl, identical to sam.

"nope. try again."

i noticed her A necklace.

"alison." i said and smiled.

john nodded and smiled.

"she looks exactly like sam." i said.

"i know. beautiful right?" he said.

i chuckled, "yeah. then he's brantley." i said, looking at the handsome brown haired and brown eyed boy.

john nodded.

i looked at the grave and my legs wobbled.

samantha rose swift

december 2, 1997-december 4, 2021

"loving mother, artist, athlete, friend, sister, wife, daughter and leader."

"no. no she's" i said, tears dripping down my cheeks.

"to the right." he said.

i looked at the next stone,

taylor alison swift

december 13, 1989-december 2, 2021

"long live. loving mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, artist and leader."

"you chose to stay with your mother and die. sam couldn't take the pain so she took her own life 2 days later. gun to the head." john said.

i put my hand over my mouth and sobbed, "stop. i don't want to see this. take it away." i said and covered my eyes.

"okay." he said and i felt a wind.

i opened my eyes, "where are we now?"

i looked around, "GET OUT OF HERE! YOU WASTE OF OXYGEN!" a guy yelled and threw a girl on the street.

she looked 12.

"that's sam." i said.

she was running away from the store.

i followed her and she was breathing heavily.

she stopped and got under a cardboard box on the side of the road.

she took the bread out of her bag and ate it.

she took out a wad of money.

"fucking foster parents. i hated them anyways." she mumbled.

i noticed red marks on her cheek and blood on her arm.

"this is sam's past. before you came into her life as a guardian figure. look how she was living. you changed her life. without you she'd still be going from foster home to foster home. you saved her life." he said.

i blushed, "did not."

he chuckled, "yes you did. because she went from this to this." we flashed away and i saw sam signing autographs and take pictures for a bunch of screaming fans as she walked with selena.

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