Chapter 48

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selena pov

"and now we have two very special guests. please give it up for my two very close friends whom i love to death, sam swift and selena gomez!" sam smiled and we walked out together, not holding hands because we want to surprise everyone.

sam is wearing black drop crotch pants, as always sagging a little bit, a black tight t-shirt, a gold chain necklace, a red and black letterman jacket, and red supras. and she is looking sexy as hell.

i am in a red top and black jeans to match sam.

we hugged ellen and sat down.

"so what brings you two here today?"

i went to talk when the crowd screamed.

i looked at sam and she was running around now, high fiving everyone.

i laughed, "what are you doing?"

she stopped and looked at me.

"sorry." she ran over to me and jumped on the couch, "jesus sam!" i said as she made me bounce.

she laughed.

"sorry." she repeated.

ellen and i laughed.

"soooo what is it? we're all very curious."

sam looked at me and i bit my lip and nodded.

"well ellen we have some big news and we wanted you to be the first to know." sam said and grabbed my hand.

i smiled, "we're together again."

everyone screamed and went nuts.

we laughed and ellen smiled, "well it's about time!"

"that's not all." i said.

i held up my hand, "we're married again." sam finished.

okay NOW everyone went crazy.

"you're kidding me?!" ellen shouted.

we laughed and shook our heads, "i kid you not ellen!" sam tried to scream over everyone.

everyone cheered and sam kissed my cheek.

"congratulations!" ellen came over and hugged us both.

"which reminds me...i kind of expected this so...KENNY! bring out selena's present!" kenny ran out with a pillow.

"oh my god!" i said and cracked up.

sam gasped, "no way!"

he handed it to me and smiled.

"show everyone!" ellen said.

i turned it to everyone and they all cracked up.

it's a pillow with a picture of sam's face on it.

"it's for when you get lonely at night and you wanna kiss sam! we've had it for a while but just never gave it to ya."

i laughed and so did sam.

"she's going to make me sleep with this every night so thank you for that." i said sarcastically and laughed.

sam chuckled, "you know i will babe."

she looked at it again and winked at me.

i rolled my eyes and chuckled.

i kissed her quickly and we all settled down.

"alright since this major news let's see how your fans are reacting. you guys can answer questions and yeah." we chuckled and nodded.

sam pov

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