Chapter 23

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selena pov

"we found a body and we need you to identify whether it is your wife or not."

i gulped as a huge lump formed in my throat and my mouth went dry.

"w-where?" i stuttered.

"the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles." i wiped my tears and tried to keep a good composure.

"o-o-o-kay. t-thank y-y-you."

"of course. goodbye mrs. swift."

"goodbye." i croaked out.

when i hung up i dropped the phone and collapsed to the ground, tears pouring out of my eyes, my body wheezing.

i pulled my knees to my chest and closed my eyes, feeling that burning sensation of my salty tears against my skin.


i can't.

you need to tell everyone. sam would want you to.

i sighed. stop it brain.

call taylor. or go see her. you need to tell her.

i sighed and took out my cell phone.

i wrote a message on my website,

just so you know,

i just got a call from the hospital in Los Angeles and they gave me some...difficult news.

i know how much Sam loves you all and she would want me to tell you this.

As you all know there was an attack on Sam's military base in Afghanistan.

well taylor, Sam's family and i have been over worried that Sam has been injured...or worse.

well i got a call saying that they found a body and they need me to come and identify it.

i know that sam would want you guys to know this so that's why i am telling you.

no matter what happens...sam loved you all.

i love you all and never forget that.

thank you for always being there for sam and i.

love always,


i posted it and posted it to twitter and instagram.

i dialed taylor's number right away.


"taylor? we need to go to the hospital. now."

"what? why? are you okay?"

i put my hand over my mouth and breathed in a shaky sob.

"they found a body tay. they need us to identify..."

the next thing i heard was a clatter and keys.

then, "EZRA I HAVE TO GO!" she screamed and slammed the door.

i ran outside and within the next 5 minutes a car sped up to my driveway.

i ran over and didn't even look at the paparazzi.

we sped to the hospital.

in the car i fidgeted with my wedding ring.


"sammm. we've been walking forever."

she smiled, "we're here. open your eyes." she said.

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