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Chapter 2

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sam pov

selena and i were heading back when a motorcycle pulled up.

"hey sam."

i smiled, "hey nate."

he looked at selena and smiled, "you must be the famous girlfriend sam talks our ears off about."

selena blushed and i chuckled.

"so are you coming to the bowl-a-rama tomorrow sam? you're in it right?"

i smiled, "yeah. yeah i'm in it. you coming up?"

"yeah i am. hey tonight we are all going down to the beach to catch some midnight waves and for the midnight surprise." he said and looked at selena, "you should bring her. it will be epic."

i smiled and put my arm around selena's waist, "we'll talk about it. see you later nate."

i high fived him and clamped our hands and pulled back.

"see ya sam. bye selena."

"bye." she said and waved.


"oh yeah. i can surf too." i said and chuckled.

"god. what can't my girlfriend do?"

i smiled, "nothing. i can even take a bullet." i said and lifted my shirt to show my scar.

she bugged her eyes, "do you have an 8-pack?!"

she put her hands on my abs and i laughed, "maybe." i said and pecked her lips.

i took her hand and walked away. i could feel her staring at my ass, "relax sel. olivia is staying in a hotel with her parents this weekend so you can stay with me tonight. stop being so desperate." i said and laughed.

i felt her rolling her eyes behind me.

i smirked and walked into the library to meet mom reading a book to mandi.

i smiled, "hey. where's ezra and dems?" i asked.

she looked up and smiled, "looking for selena."


she stood up, "well. i thought that you and i should spend today together and then tonight and tomorrow we can all be together although i'm pretty sure i know your plans for tonight so you really don't have to tell me because i really don't want to know-"

"okay mom, slow down. of course we could spend the day together." she smiled, "well good."

ezra and demi came back and we said goodbye and mom handed the bag and mandi to ezra.

"ready girly?" she said.

i smiled, "ready."


"uggh i forgot how good it felt to get a massage." mom said and chuckled.

i laughed.

"sam? what's that on your ankle?" she asked, pointing to my ankle.

i looked at it and widened my eyes, "oh! you weren't supposed to see that." i said and pulled my socks up more.

"but i did, you got a tattoo?!" she pushed my socks down again, "MOM!!" i screamed and pulled them back up.

"SAM! LET ME SEE IT!" she screamed at me.

i sighed and pulled it down.

the tattoo was dogtags that say DAD 1963-2009

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