Chapter 8

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sam pov

after i arrived in malawi it was sooo hot.

our leader is sarah. she organized the whole thing for us.

they speak chichewa language so i had to learn how to speak it for the peoples' sake.

"bwerani kuno!" (come here!) sarah called me over, smiling.

i smiled and put my bag down.

i walked over and grabbed the soup ladel.

"so how you like it here?" sarah asked.

i smiled, "i love it. i love helping people in need."

"well that's a great trait to have. caring for others. and you're a celebrity too. most celebrities aren't like you."

i furrowed my brows, "how?"

"you're caring. you put others' needs before yours. it a great quality. you must get it from your mom. taylor."

i smiled and chuckled, "yeah well. she has always loved donating money to kids in need and going out of her way to help her fans so i guess i got inspired."

sarah smiled, "that's good."

i nodded.

a few kids walked up.

i smiled and poured soup into bowls for them, "moni! kusangalala" (hi! enjoy)

they smiled and i spent a few hours giving out food and drinks.

i was at the medical center, wrapping a woman's hand.

i asked her about the tsunami and she said, "monga tsiku lililonse izo zimakhalira. ndinapita kukatenga ena nsomba pamene tonse anaona osefukira yoweyula kubwera kwa ife. ife anayamba kuthamanga ndi chirichonse anawonongedwa. ndipo madzi anali kubwera." (like every day it was normal. i went out to get some fish when we all saw a tidal wave coming towards us. we started running and everything was destroyed. and the water kept coming.)

she started crying, "Ndinakwiya banja. mwamuna wanga. ana anga ndi mayi anga onse apita. Ndinkachita mantha." (i lost my family. my husband. my kids and my mother are all gone. i was so scared.)

i stood up and walked away and sobbed.

i wiped my tears but they just kept coming.

"hey you okay?" sarah came up behind me.

i wiped them, "yeah."

she nodded gently, "okay. why don't you take a minute to breathe and then come on back, cause there's a lot to do."

i nodded.

she smiled and walked away.

i cleared my throat and sat down to think.

it's okay sam. these people went through a rough time. you are here to help them.

i sighed and stood up, putting a brave face on.


sarah and i were handing out waters on the beach.

i saw a little boy walk up to sarah.

she tugged on her pant leg.

she looked down, "hey bud."

she picked him up.

he looked at me and put his head in the crevice of sarah's neck.

 "what's his name?"

sarah played with his hands, "i don't know. ever since the tsunami he hasn't said a word. he won't even smile." she used her fingers to make him smile.

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