Chapter 90

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I already have an idea as to where he was goin and that was to the lake. I started to run to the lake and low and behold that's where he was. I walk up the hill and to him.
"Luke?" I ask him but it comes out note like a whisper. He turns to look at me and I almost cry because of how upset he looks.
"Are you okay with what just went down?" I walk over and sit down on the edge of the water next to him.
"It just really bugs me that she did that to you. And especially seein how it was my concert." He looks back down to the water.
"Luke, please it's not your fault she did it. Your not the one who hurt me. It was them. Not you. You did nothin wrong and I'm not mad at you for nothin." Just then my phone went off so I looked down.
From: Tyler
Were here and this chick keeps tryin to hit on me and it's creepin me out. Help please?
I read the text and burst out laughin.
"What?" Luke asks me so confused.
"Kathies hittin on Tyler!! Ill be back to gotta go get them and help em.. wanna come or stay here?"
"Ill stay here." I nodded my head and got up and walked back to where Tyler and Brian were. I get back and she's hittin on him so hard that he looks like he's gonna throw up. I walk up and immediately pull Kathie off of him.
"Get the hell of of him Kathie. Tyler and Brian, ready?"
"Yes!" We start walkin down to the lake and about 5 minutes later we get back to the lake. Once we get up to the lake I see Luke talkin to someone and when we get closer I realize that it's Adam. One of the guys that I knew from when we called out here all the time.
"Hey!! I know you!" I said as I walked up to him and sat down. He looked at me and recognized me. He pulled me in for a hug and said
"Where have ya been?"
"Long story short, I'm adopted and found my real brother got into a fight with him and ended up here." As I finished my sentence, Terry, one of the other people who camp here, came up and started talkin.
"Why are you around him? He hasn't changed since you left."
"Alright, I'll talk to you later. Stop by the site if you want." Adam says with almost sadness in his voice. Now, I'm just pissed.
"Why can't you just leave him alone? What did he ever do wrong? Absolutely nothin. So why do you need to be so mean to him?" He's on his golf cart and starts it up so I tell the boys that I would be back in a few and ran down to the cart and hopped on so I could make sure he was fine. People really know how to piss me off.

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