yes daddy - lrh by cakefacehood
yes daddy - lrhby unknown
in which hazel creates a daddy kink with her brothers best friend
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growing pains by deluxemendes_
growing painsby Abi:)
"That's my beautiful princess" "Dad- stop"
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dentist ⇒ luke hemmings [updating & editing] by theaesthete
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings [ 07.
❝I asked you to open your mouth, love. Not your legs.❞ - In which Blue gets driven into a sexually intimate relationship with her new orthodontist.
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doubled by deluxemendes_
doubledby Abi:)
"Wait, wait, wait" "You wanna marry our mom?" "Yes, I want to marry your mom."
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teachers pet • c.h. by musiconne
teachers pet • musiconne
"i would love to, mr. hood but-" "call me calum, baby girl." when a high school girl develops a crush on her art teacher. MATURE CONTENT DO NOT READ...
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Babysitter | Calum Hood by starryeyedsweetheart
Babysitter | Calum Hoodby anonymous
"If you really think I'm revolting or a complete asshole, then why don't you quit? Huh? C'mon tell me, Princess," Calum questioned, towering over me with a smi...
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Adopted by 5sos by kellyl6008
Adopted by 5sosby Mrs Ashton Irwin
Hannah is a fourteen year old fangirl with a very complicated past, when her idols 5 seconds of summer whisk her away and put her straight in the spotlight will she take...
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From Afar// Calum Hood x Reader by spreadyourawkwardnes
From Afar// Calum Hood x Readerby spreadyourawkwardnes
  • cth
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Reputation| l.h au| by xxHemmoidkxx
Reputation| l.h au|by xxHemmoidkxx
In which a popular boy who cares too much about his reputation meets a girl who hates attention.
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freshman // calum hood by kristxn
freshman // calum hoodby k loves c
[this probably needs to be edited and revised etc but I'm lazy so just be ware I wrote it when I was 14!!!] every freshman gets picked by a senior, that senior has to ta...
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5sos Smut by boredcookies
5sos Smutby boredcookies
5sos smut from tumblr
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5SOS Gay Smut Book by lifesatangledluke
5SOS Gay Smut Bookby lifesatangledluke
-REQUESTS: accepted but slow for now- Just some 5sos gay smut. xmalumx xlashtonx xmukex xmashtonx xcakex xcashtonx xot4x x other threesomes x
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I (Accidentally) Kidnapped 5SOS by fivesuave
I (Accidentally) Kidnapped 5SOSby sammi/sam
Trust me, it was an accident. I don't even like 5SOS! How was I supposed to know that my best friend was a crazed fanatic about them? How was I supposed to know that I h...
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Hemmings Fake Girlfriend || Luke Hemmings ✔️ by amber_no3l
Hemmings Fake Girlfriend || Luke amber
The unlikely hood of when an ordinary girl bumps into an Aussie celebrity while traveling...and somehow ends up becoming his fake girlfriend. ...
  • romance
  • tour
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maid = lrh by fahlloutboy
maid = lrhby r o b i n
" I never expected you to be such a bad girl, princess. "
  • fanfictie
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Big Book of 5SOS imagines by angstykpop
Big Book of 5SOS imaginesby 🤧
welcome to my 5sos imagine(s) book! ALL of these imagines are from tumblr. ALL authors get full credit! enjoy :)
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Possessive | lrh | by xbitemeluke
Possessive | lrh |by lava girl
"You're gonna be a good girl, right baby?" "uh huh.." "What was that?" "Yes sir.." "Good girl... Now suck." - Warning...
  • fanfiction
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  • kinky
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science, bitch (calum hood au) [COMPLETED] by lIamas
science, bitch (calum hood au) [ nia
"why are you so damn irresistible?" "it's science, bitch." pls note that the first like half of this book is awful and fetus me (sequel 'spring break...
  • 5sos
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5SOS Book by mechanical_wifey
5SOS Bookby Anna
Preferences, Visuals and Imagines for 5 Seconds of Summer. Requests are accepted. Leave a comment with your request, or message me with the details.
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Wrong Number | A.I. by JamesHisGuitar
Wrong Number | Dani
You: LIV you: Why did you change your number?! You: REPLY You: LIV I NEED TO TALK TO YOU Liv: I am not Liv Liv: How did you get my number? Highest ranking: #1 in Fanfict...
  • summer
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