Chapter 29

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We all sit down and start to eat. I'm sitting ace from Catie and I see her mouth the words
"Are we telling the other boys?"
"It's up to you... Ashton, luke, Calum and Micheal already know." I mouth back to her.
"When did you tell them?"
"After you walked out." I didn't realize everyone was looking at us until Ashton said something.
"You guys okay?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Because you were having your own conversation by lip syncing."
"Uh....." Me and Catie look at each other then back to Ashton.
"Come here." Ashton says to both of us. I have Catie the "Were in for it" look. She just shrugged her shoulders. We get up and follow Ashton back to the room past the bunks.
"What's really wrong?"
"Nothing why?"
"Because, you two just seemed out of it. Please tell me."
"We were just debating something." Catie took the words out of my mouth.
"What were you debating on?"
"Wheather or not to tell the other boys about what I told you last night."
"Well, Hannah why wouldnt you want to tell them?"
"Because we're both scared."
"Scared of what?" I know that voice all to well. Liam. Me and Catie look at each other and slowly turn around.
"Is everything okay?"
"Well, Now it is, it wasn't four days ago." Catie says for the both of us.
"What do you mean?"
"We have to tell you and the boys something." We say together.
"Okay, come on. There in the front of the bus." Once we get to where the boys are, Liam speaks up and says,
"The girls have to tell us something."
"Okay, what is it?" They all say. Instead of saying anything, me and Catie nod at each other and then pull up our sleeves to our sweatshirts so our wrists are showing.
"Oh my god." Was all I heard.
"Why though?" I heard Zayn ask.
"Bulling, blamed for everything, sums it up." I said to them. Then I heard a door slam shut. I look around and the only person who isn't there anymore is Ashton. Oh my god, I pissed him off or did something.
"Hannah! What's wrong?" Is all I could hear from Luke.
"It's my fault." I say but as a whisper.
"What is?"
"It's my fault Ashton is pissed off."
"No it's not."
"Yes it is Luke. I'm the reason why he is pissed because he didn't walk out until I started saying about my scars and stuff like that." I say trying to hold back tears.
"No it's not. He probably just read something on like twitter or something."
"I need a walk."
"Do you want me to come?" Catie said to me.
"No I'm fine."

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