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Chapter 20

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I hesitately stand up, expecting the worse. But as soon as I stand up, all Ashton does is pull me in for a hug. Well that was really unexpected.
"Your not dragging me or the band down. And just because of all of that doesn't mean that your fucked up, it just means and proves that your strong enough to get through stuff like that." I'm once again crying.
"You know what I just realized Ashton."
"That I have cried a lot today." I tell him while laughing at myself.
"You have but at least we have both opened up to each other." I'm actually really surprised at myself for opening up to Ashton because I have trust issues and I don't really tell anyone anything.
"C'mon let's head back and see what the rest of the boys are doing." While we were walkinf back,  we were just talking about the most random things. Once we get back we were immediately put into a group hug. Huh Daja Voo.
"What is wrong with you guys? We were only find for like 20 minuets!"
"We were scared to death! You gotta stop doing that!" Luke practicly screams at us.
"Luke, we were 5 minutes to the hall."  Ashton took the words out of my mouth.
"Still don't do that. You have us thinking that you guys could be dead or kidnapped!"
"Mikey that is absolutely ridiculous!"
"It could still happen Hannah." Well nothing like getting screamed at as soon as you walk back through the door. I go over and sit down on the couch and go on my phone. Catie comes over and sits down next to me.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing's wrong."
"I know my sister and there is something wrong with you."
"I'm fine. Just fine."
"No your not."
"I think I can tell when I'm fine or not."
"And I can too and something is wrong."
"Do you have your phone on you?"
"Yeah why?" I send a text to her that says 'Nothing like getting yelled at as soon as I walk in the door.'
"Yeah. It feels like I'm back home."
"Why would you feel like your back home?" Luke says as he walks over to where we are sitting.
"It's nothing."
"Yes it is. She feels like she is back home because more or less as soon as her and Ashton walked through the door, you started yelling. Both of us were always yelled at and screamed at at the house."
Thanks Catie! (Note the sarcasm.)
"Catie, can I talk to hannah please?" Instead of her saying anything, she just gets up and leaves and Luke takes her seat on the couch.
"Come here." I moved over to wear Luke was on the couch and as soon as I got over there, he just hugged me and said,
"I didn't mean to yell at you guys. Its just that Ashton is like a brother to me and now I have a little sister to be protective over. I just get scared when your somewhere were no one knows we're you guys are. I'm sorry."
"It's okay Luke. Its just that getting yelled at brings back memories of the house I used to live with because that is all my mom figure did. Was yell."
"Well, that part of your life is over and it's just you, me, Catie, the other boys and Ashtons mom."

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