Chapter 19

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I don't say anything, I just go and sit next to Ashton.
"Ashton, please tell me what's wrong."
"Why would you care? You would just agree with them."
"Ashton, if I cared about you before I knew you were even my brother, what makes you think that I wouldn't care now? And who is them?" He didn't say anything, he just pulled out his phone, pulled up twitter and handed the phone to me. I scrolled through the trends and the trend at the top was #keepcuttingAshtonyourtrash.
"Ashton look at me." He looked over to me and his eyes were red and puffy threatening to spill more tears.
"The people who are supporting that and the person who started it are heartless and they don't know that there hurting a boy with a huge heart that I wouldnt trade for anyone else to be my big brother." After I finished telling him that, neither one of us say anything and I just hug Ashton because I can't stand to see him cry for much longer.
"Why do you care about me?"
"I care about you because your my brother and even if you weren't,  I would still care because your the one person in my life besides Catie who have told me to stop cutting." I can't believe he thinks I wouldn't care about him.
"Why did they start that trend anyway?"
"Because people found out about my past."
"You know how you made me promise you something?"
"Will you promise me something now?"
"What's that?"
"That your not going to let all the haters and what they say get to you and that no matter what, your not going to go back to cutting."
"I promise." Ashton has his arm around me in a protective way and my head is on his shoulder.
"Ashton, can I ask you something?"
"Of course."
"Why did you want to come find me and Catie? I can see why for Catie but why me too?"
"Because I wanted to be with my sisters. Why would I want to be with Catie but not you?"
"Because my life is fucked up."
"No it's not and your not either."
"Yes I am. I used to be bullied before you took me out of school. I have anxiety. I have scares on my wrist."
"So? That doesn't change the fact that I want you here."
"But why do you want someone who will just drag you and your band down?" Ashton stands up and the only thing I can think of is 'Great. I've pushed away the one person that was helping me through this and that I could relate to.'
"Stand up."

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