Chapter 69

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I get up and follow Micheal into the other room. Once we get back to where the bunks are, he turns around to face me.
"What's wrong?" He asks me. I know I gotta tell the boys I was thinking how I used to but I'm scared that Ashton will take it out on himself and blame himself for it.
"If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell the other boys. Okay?"
"Okay.." He says but hesitates before saying it.
"I might have sorta kinda been thinking like I used to." I say really fast.
"Wait what?"
"When you guys had the concert and we went into the arena, I realized that the last time I was there, was with my best friend who committed suicide.." Instead of saying anything, he just hugs me instead.
"I won't tell the boys if you don't want me too." Once he finished his sentence, we started back to the living room place or whatever you want to call it. I go back to the couch and sit down next to Brandon. Once I sit down, I lean my head back on the couch and close my eyes. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket so I grab it out. And as soon as I do, I see a message from Hunter.
*Are you okay?* of reply back with,
*Yeah but I kinda gotta tell you something*
*What is it?*
*I kinda started thinking like I used to.*
*What do you mean?*
*I mean I went back to thinking like I used to with the cutting and that.* He looks and reads his phone and almost immediately, his head shoots up and looks to me.

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