Chapter 73

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"What?" Hunter asks like he is clueless.
"Don't act fucking clueless." I yell at him..
"I'm not, I don't know why I am in trouble for talking to one of the people who you went to classes with."
"Because did you ever think that the person your talking to, is the person who bullied me and my sister?" He didn't say anything and just kept quiet.
"Thought so." I said and walked away and back to the seats.
"Hannah! Wait!" Hunter yells after me and runs to catch up.
"Can we talk about this?"
"Not right now like. We can when we get back."
"Why can't we talk now?"
"Because, I'm not ruining this for Luke B, Jason or Brian and Tyler."
"See there ya go again!"
"Go again with what?" I say just as loudly.
"Caring more about them then you do for me." Instead of saying anything, I turn around and walk away because I know that this is going to end in more yelling.
I finally get back to my seats and sit back down. I hear people sitting next to me but I don't bother to turn around because I'm telling Catie what happened. I turn back to see who sat down and I'm in shock.
"Holy Fucking Shit."

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