Chapter 4

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"Hey Hunter, why dont you come and take a litlle walk with us yeah?"

"No,Luke dont even go there or so help me-"

"C'mon it cant be that bad"

"Hunter, let me ask you something. You dont know who these 4 are do you?"

"No not really. Why?

"There 5 seconds of summer and if you have ever saw any of there videos, you would know what they are like."

"Oh were not that bad!" Oh Ashton, your so wrong on that.

"Ashton, I have seen all of your guys keeks. Including the one where you run around singing 'Its a chocolate milk party, its a chocolate milk party!' or the one where you have the garbage lid around your neck and you are acting like its a tribal necklace. Oh yeah and how could I forget the one keek where you ran up to Calum and kept repeating 'But I dont wanna die!'' By this time, Micheal was on the floor laughing his ass of.

"Oh dont think that your getting off the hook either. Catie, do you remeber the keek where Ashton was doing wiht the 'tribal necklace' and Mikey came up behind him and started to scream "CAN I BE IN THE TRIBE? BUT I WANNA BE IN THE TRIBE!". Do you remeber thatt one Catie?"

"Oh yes that was one of the favorites!"

"You have no proof of that."

"Oh really?"

"Yup." Mikey said and he popped the p. I went and grabbed my phone and looked it up on the keek app and I started to play it for Hunter. After I finished it I asked him,

"Now Hunter, doesnt that look like them?"


"See told ya not to fuck with me!"

"Awe what wrong? You guys look redder than a tomato." Catie said and we all burst out laughing includong the boys. Maybe moving to Australia wont be such a bad thing...

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