Chapter 31

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"Ashton look at me." He looks down to me and into my eyes.
"There's nothing for you to be sorry for. Please stop saying sorry. If anyone should be sorry it should be me." He gave me a confused look.
"Why would you be sorry? You haven't done anything."
"Yes I have, if I wouldn't have said anything about the bulling or the cutting or anything like that, you wouldn't have the idea that you are a horrible brother."
"No don't say that. I'm glad you opened up to me." I just thought of something, I don't got my phone.
"Hey Ashton?"
"Did you grab your phone by any chance?"
"So we have been out here for god knows how long with no phones what so ever?"
"We should probably go back. And don't worry about them yelling at you okay? Its just because they were worried. Its not your fault okay?"
"You do know that you can tell me or any of the boys anything right?"
"I do. I'm slowly woke on it. Gotta give me props though."
"Yes I do. Your definitely not one to give up."
"Nope!" As I finish my sentence, we were back at the tour bus.
"Just remember what I told you." I just nodded my head.
"Oh my lord! Thank god you guys are safe!" Louis screams. I'm really glad that Ashton told me. Not to worry because I would be terrifying about now.

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