Chapter 84

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We get back to camp and I see Ashton standing at the front of the campground. You gotta be kiddin me right now. He started walkin towards me and I started walkin towards Carrie and the kids.
"Hannah please just let me explain!"
"Explain what? There's nothing to explain! I'm takin ya up on the offer you said." He looked confused at first then realization hit him.
"No, Hannah don't. I didn't mean what I said."
"Well too late now. Jay already said I could so I am. Have fun tourin with my sister and I'll have fun campin with my family." And with that I walked away. I don't get why he said what he said but I've lost all trust I had in him. Maybe one day I'll be able to trust him again but right now, I just can't. I remebered what Luke told me so I went to ask him something.
"Hey Luke, you know how you said if he meant it, I could come with ya on tour?"
"Yeah why?"
"Well he didn't say he actually meant it but I do not trust him right now at all so can I come with you?"
"Of course you can!" Luke says and I smile big.
"One more question, can Jay Carrie and the kids come with us because that the only family I got besides my sister but she is stayin with Ashton apparently."
"Of course as long as it's fine with them,they are more than welcome to come along." I scream a little and give Luke a hug.. then I run back to where everyone is saying guess what over and over again.
"What happened?" Carrie and lily ask at the same time.
"You guys can cone on tour with me and Luke Bryan!!!!"

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