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Chapter 50

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While we were dancing around, I go back to get my phone charger and I run into a door.
"Owww!" I scream. Hunter, Ethan, Catie and Ashton come over to me.
"What happened?" They say all at once.
"I ran into the god dam door." They all burst into laughter.
"Ya know what? Fuck you too!" I say and go and sit back on the couch.
"Oh you know I love you!" Hunter says as he comes over and sits next to me. Once he sits he snuggles up next to me.
"Awee!" I hear my brother say and then I hear a click. I look up and see Ashton with his phone in his hands.
"Ashton I'm gonna kill ya!" I try and get up but Hunter only holds me down.
"Let. Me. Go."
"Hunter if you don't wanna get slapped let me go." That got him to let me go. I get up and start to chase after Ashton. He keeps running around the bus and runs out the door. While we're running outside I run onto Paul.
"I'm so sorry Paul."
"It's fine but I gotta talk to the boys and your brother."
"Okay." Ashton, Paul, and me walk back to the bus and once we get in Paul starts to talk.
"Your boys concert got moved up to tonight, seeing as how it's suppose to thunder and lightning tomorrow night."
"Oh okay." And with that Paul walks out the door to leave the boys and me and everyone in silence. Ashton suddenly gets an evil smirk on his face. God only knows what he is thinking about. Then again I don't think I want to know either.
"Why are you smirking?"
"Because you are coming on the stage."
"But you already did that for the first concert that me and Catie were at with you."
"Yes but Hunter and Ethan haven't been introduced yet." I start to smile thinking if how this one is going to turn out.

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