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Chapter 49

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We finally make it back to my bus and as soon as I get in there, Hunter hugs me and won't let me go.
"Hunter, what are you doing?"
"I missed you!" Aweee
"But I was only gone for 20 minuets."
"But still!"
"Your too adorable."
"Hehe." I look around and noticed that Luke B was there.
"Hey! This is absolutely adorable."
"Don't you dare take a picture."
"Fine. You don't like your picture being taken do you?"
"Not at all. Hunter?"
"Can you let me go so I can get food and sit down?"
"Fine but I'm snuggleing with you when you sit."
"Has he been doing this the whole time I was gone?" I ask catie who was snuggling up with Ethan on the couch.
"Yes and I was ready to slap him."
"Hey! I'm not that bad." He says very defensive.
"Oh please the whole time she was gone, you did nothing but say how much you missed her." Thanks Ethan.
"Oh I wouldnt be talking because you did the same thing before we came on tour so I suggest you keep your mouth shut Ethan!"
"Hey stop fighting, I'm sure you both missed both of us." I say going back and forth between Ethan and Hunter. I get my food and go and sit on the couch.
"Yesss!" Only Hunter and Ethan would Fight over missing us.
"Okay, its way to quiet in here." I get up and go to my speaker and turn it on. I put it on shuffle and the first song that comes on is Sun Daze by Florida Georgia Line.
"Oh my god it's our song!"
"Good observation there Tyler." The rest of the morning is spent dancing around the bus to music and screwing around all day.

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