Chapter 81

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And somethin wicked this way comes.
"Hannah, who are they?"
"People I used to be friends with till they started a shit load of drama." I told him.
"Oh, sounds like fun."
"Yup so much fun." Kathie walked up to me and started with her crap.
"Who's this you got with ya?" She asks me in a snoty voice.
"None of your business. That's who." I hear Luke chuckle slightly.
"Hannah, are you sure we can't be friends again?"
"Jesus Megan. How many times do j gotta tell ya I wanted nothin to do With any of ya?"
"Well now you don't need to be giving me and attitude." Imma lose it in about 30 seconds.
"God dam it  Kathie.I ain't giving ya no attitude. And maybe if y'all wouldn't have started so much drama we would not  be in the position we were now!!" I yelled at Kathie. After that I walked very quickly away. What the he'll is with them and god dam drama?!?!

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