Chapter 65

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{Caitlin's Point Of Veiw}
I don't know why, but Micheal seems to think that he knows all about Hannah when in reality, he don't know a fucking thing about either one of us really. I may love Micheal and the band to death, but I'm going to stand by my sister over them. I've known her for 16 years, as much as it kills me to say this, I would rather be with my sister than with my brother that I don't really know.
"You don't fucking know me Micheal!" Hannah screams back at him. This isn't going to end well. And I know that for a fact.
"Well your sure in hell are not no biker girl or ride or die either." You just opened up hell's gate. Hannah doesn't say a word, just turns around and walks out of the bus. Niall starts to walk towards the way she walked but I stop him.
"Don't, Niall, she needs time to cool down." "What the hell Michael?" Ashton screams at him.
"Why the hell did you do that?!"
"Because, Im tired of her putting on the tough girl act. She should know that she doesn't have to put on an act and act like she don't give two fucks about life around us. She has got to let down her walls and trust us." He screams back. Okay I'm officially terrified now.
"Well maybe if you weren't acting like an asshole just then I would trust you. Don't you get the fact that I don't trust people? Well guess what, this is exactly the reason why I don't trust people. Because I know that there going to turn on me. I trusted you and look where that got me." Everyone was screaming and I didn't even hear the door open up. I realized that she was here when she started screaming back at Michael. All I know is, this is definitely going till hurt her because she already though of him as her brother too.

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