Chapter 23

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"Tell them what?" Ah shit! He walked in and we didn't even notice.
"Uhhhh......" I can't even find the words to say.
"Tell us what?" He repeats himself.
"No because you are going to be mad at us."
"I'm not going to be mad." He says a lot more calm then a few minutes ago. Instead of saying anything, I look over to Catie and I can tell she is thinking the same thing. We both nod at each other and pull up our sleeves so our wrists are revealed. I have the bracelets on my wrists so I take them off. We both look up at Luke and he just has a unreadable look on his face. I can't tell If he was mad or not.
"Why did you guys do this to yourself?"
"Because it was the only thing to do." I say and hopefully he doesn't hear me.
"Guys, there Is always something else to do than this. Please tell me that we haven't made it worse." I feel so bad. I look over to Catie and find the reason she isnt saying anything, she's on the verge of tears.
"We have. Oh my god we have." Luke gets up and starts pacing around. I get up and stand infront of him so he can't move.
"Luke, its not your fault and you guys haven't made it worse."
"Made what worse?" Ashton. Ugh seriously? Can anything else go wrong? Just then Catie gets up and says she is going on a walk and she is crying her eyes out by now. Great. I see Calum walking towards the door.
"Calum, don't. She needs time to cool off by herself."
"Now what do you mean that we didn't make things worse?" Really Ashton?

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