Chapter 88

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When I turned around, I saw Scott and stiles.
"Oh my God." Is all I can say. It's almost to much to process at once.
"Is Everthing Okay?" Stiles asks me.
"Wait so then why did you say oh my God?" As i was about to answer my phone went off from lily sayin that Jay was havin major health problems..
"Luke we need to go back. Like now." He looks at me so confused so I tell him that Jay isnt good. We stayed bye to scott and stiles then hopped into the truck. I quickly sent a text to Tyler an Brian.
To Tyler, Brian
Hey change of plans go to leiti campground instead.
Once it was sent they both replied back with okay. We finally got back and I see the last people I wanted to see. Megan and Kathie. Great.
Hey y'all! Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I've been on vacation out to my camps it which sadly has no wifi. I just found out that I'm goin to the Luke Bryan concert on the 4th and couldn't be more happy and grateful for the tickets

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