Chapter 34

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Once we get out I scream "I call shotgun!". We get into the car and I take out my Luke Bryan CD and put it in the player and Country Girl Shake It For Me comes on. Within about 20 minuets, we were pulling up to this huge bus.
"Oh my god." Was all me and Catie manged to say.
"Well are you going to stay in the car or do you want to meet him?"
"Yes we want to meet him!" We both practicly scream at Luke.
"Well then let's go." We get out of the car and start to walk to the door. Luke knocks and Luke Bryan is standing infront of me. I cannot believe that Luke Bryan is standing infront of me.
"So your the two girls that Luke was telling me about!" Luke B says with that perfect southern accent that I love!
"Yeah." He let's us in the bus and see the last two people I would have ever expected to see. My boyfriend Hunter and Catie's boyfriend Ethan!
"How? What? But? Who? Huh?" Me and Catie say together. We look at both Luke's and they both have a grin on there face.
"Okay, who's idea was this?"
"Well Luke told me that you both had boyfriends so I had the idea of bringing them out." It's official! I love Luke Bryan even more.
"You! Why the hell didn't you text me?" I ask Hunter and Catie asks Ethan the same thing.
"We just wanted to surprise you is all." Hunter says with that adorable freaking face that I can't stay mad at. I keep my arms crossed and try and act mad at him.
"Aw come here!" Hunter says as he walks towards me. He engulfed me into a hug and let me tell you, I missed that so much!
"Awwwww!" I hear both Luke's say, and all the boys and Catie and Ethan say.
"Oh and I got one more surprise for all of you guys." Luke B says.
"What?" All of us say in unison.
"The boys of Florida Georgia Line is stopping by in like 10 minutes." Hunter knows how much I love them too!
"Oh and gotta tell ya something." Ethan says and turns to Catie.
"What?" She asks him.
"I'm coming on the tour with you."
"Oh my gods!!!" Catie said and hugged Ethan. I wish Hunter was able to come on tour with us.
"What's wrong?" Hunter asked me.
"Nothing. Why?"
"There's something wrong."
"Nope." I try and walk away but he steps infront of me.
"Please. I know my girlfriend and there is something wrong." Before I start to talk, I let out a big sigh.
"I'm just going to miss you is all. Catie will have Ethan but I won't have you."
"You don't know that."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm staying on tour with you." I get a huge smile spread across my face.
"Yes. I wouldnt let Ethan stay her with Catie and leave you alone." I smile and hug him and he rests his chin on top of my head.
"So are you happy?" Luke B asks me.
"Yes! I'm touring the world with my brother and now my boyfriend, I've meet Luke Bryan and I'm about to meet Florida Georgia Line. How could I not be happy?"
"I just wanted to make sure."
"So are you close with the boys?" I ask Luke as I go to sit down on the couch but only to be pulled right next to Hunter. Catie and Ethan are talking to Ashton and the other Luke.
"Yeah I'm pretty close with them. There like my brothers so you could consider me your uncle if you wanted to."
"Oh my god yes! I would love that!"
"So, do you know where the boys are headed next?"
"I think it's batavia NY. Why?"
"Because I wanted to see if they were going where I was and they are." Just then my phone started to ring and Cold Beer Drinker by Luke Bryan started to play. I look up and Luke is smiling like its amazayn that I have his song as my ringtone.
"Don't even say anything." I say while laughing at myself. The person who was calling was Niall. I answer the phone and put it on speaker.
"Yess Niall?"
"Harry said that you don't like me!"
"Put him on speaker phone."
"Okay here he is."
"Hi!" Harry said to me.
"Hi and stop telling people I don't like them."
"But what if you really don't like them?"
"Harry, if it has something to do with One of the boys, I like them. Just behave until we don't get back and don't break anything please." I heard a crash in the background. Oh lord.
"What was that Niall??"
"Harry threw a ball and it hit a glass and broke it."
"Harry! What did I just tell you?"
"I'm sorry!"
"Let me talk to Liam please."
"Hey Hannah."
"Hi Liam. Have they broke everything in the bus?"
"No not yet. But I'm sure it's bound to happen." Oh these boys.
"Well I'm gonna let ya go. Tell the boys that I said not to break anything please."
"Of course. Bye"
"See what I gotta deal with?"
"But I love them so, it all works out in the end." Catie and Ethan walk over hand in hand and sit down next to me and Hunter.
"So, what were you guys talking about?"
"I just got off the phone with the boys."
"Why didn't you call me over?"
"Because you were having a conversation."
"But still."
"Don't get bitchy."
"I'm not bitchy."
"Yes you are."
"I'm gonna slap you."
"And I'll slap you back." So I slapped her and she slapped me. We started slapping each other and about 5 minutes later, Hunter pulled me away and Ethan pulls Catie away.
"Do you girls always do that?" Luke B asks us
"Pretty much. But we don't actually mean it so it's all good." Just then, the door is knocked on and opened. FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE!!!!

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