Chapter 25

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"Are you being dead serious right now?"
"Yes! Ask Luke!"
"Are you serious?"
"Yes I'm serious. Hannah was saying how much you guys love him." Catie repeats the screaming and hugging that I did. The next song comes on and it's That's my kinda night.
"Oh my god!" I run over to wear the radio is and I turn it up as loud as it can go.
"Got that loud enough?" Ashton says to me.
"Your definitely Ashton's sister."
"Yes Calum, yes I am." This is defined going to be a lot better than that house was. And that's for sure.
"So, are you guys playing any more concerts here?"
"No we're heading to New York City next!"
"Really?" me and Catie ask at the same time.
"Yups. Then after that is Sandusky, Ohio."
Me and Catie look at each other then scream
"Cedar Point!"
"What?" All the boys ask us.
"The theme park that is in Ohio. And it's Amazayn!"
"Oh. We've never been there."
"You people need to get there!"

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