Chapter 11

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Ashton walks out of the room and I follow him. I'm seriously expecting the worse.


"Why what?"

"Why do you think that you are fat?"

"Because it's the truth."

"Come with me." And with that he was pulling on my wrist which had cuts on them from 3 days ago.

"Ashton let go of my wrist." I say but I say it quietly because I was on the verge of tears from the pain coming up my arm.

"Ashton stop." I say a tad bit louder but he still doesn't hear me.

"Ashton! Stop!!" I say rather loudly. He turns around and I'm crying at this point. He come up to me and hugs me tightly.

"You promised me you were going to stop."

"I did stop Ashton."

"Obviously not if it hurt when I was holding your wrist."

"It hurt because of the cuts from 3 days ago."

"Wait, they don't hurt that much after three days."

"Well when you do them deep enough they do." I mumbled hoping he wouldn't hear me.


"I said when you do them deep enough you do."

"Let me see your wrist."


"Why not?"

"Why can't I."

"Because." I say to him.

"Because why though? I want to be able to help you but I can't if you won't open up to me. Micheal, Calum, and Luke want to help you to but we can't of you won't open up to us."

"I'm scared okay? I'm scared that as soon as you see my scars on my wrist that you aren't going to want anything to do with me. I'm scared that your just going to be like oh yeah my sister cuts. I'm scared that once you see them your going to want me to go back with the parents I was with. I'm scared that the is going to happen with one of the other boys too. I'm scared that once you find out which is going to be sooner or later so I minds as well tell you now. Three days ago I tried to kill myself and I couldn't bring myself to it."

"Come here." I walked back over to him and hugged him and just cried into his chest.

"You Don't have to worry about me giving you back to your old parents. And you dont have to be scared of any of that. Because none of it is going to happen. And it never will." As I'm crying into Ashton's chest, I hear other people saying...

"Are you serious?" I turned around and there stood all 8 boys and Catie....

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