Chapter 36

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"Wait, what?" I ask both Tyler and Brian.
"Were coming on tour with you and your brother." They say.
"On our bus?" This time Catie asks.
"Yeah, where else would we stay?" Holy Shit.
"Don't swear!" Ashton yells to me.
"Oops did I say that out loud?"
"Yes you did." Ethan tells me.
"Wait are you upset that were coming with you?" Tyler asks me.
"No, god no! I'm just really shocked is all."
"Okay I was nervous there, I thought you would hate the idea."
"Tyler, why would we hate the idea of touring around the world with our brother and his band and now one of our favorite country bands?" Dammit I need to learn to keep my mouth shut!
"Awee!" Next thing I know me and Catie are in the middle of a group hug with Brian and Tyler. I seriously love life right now. Once the group hug is done, realize something. Now that Tyler and Brian are staying in our bus, there bound to find out about mine and Catie's secret. Shit we still gotta tell Ethan and Hunter about it.
"Catie, I gotta talk to you."
"Yes now."
"Ugh, fine." I start to walk back to the back of the bus.
"You do realize that there going to eventually find out right?"
"Tyler, Brian, Hunter and Ethan."
"So what are we gonna do?"
"What are you doing?" A perfect southern accent says. Shit. Luke.
"Are you guys okay?"
"We were just talking."
"About what?"
"Weather or not to tell Tyler and Brian something."
"Is it important? Like do they need to know?"
"I don't know, we told the boys but we were scared to death when we told them."
"Do you wanna tell me? You don't have to though." Me and Catie look at each other and slowly pull up our sleeves. We look up at Luke and be looked so shocked. Instead of him saying anything, he just pulls us in for a hug.
"Please stop."
"We have. We haven't even thought of it since we started the tour." As hard as I tried I couldn't hold back tears. We stood there for about 5 minutes just hugging Luke.
"I think you should tell Tyler and Brian. But it's up to you guys." We gotta tell them.
"Okay, were going to right now so we don't forget." We walk back out and walk over to were Tyler, Brian, Hunter and Ethan are.
"Hey there you are." Hunter says. I just give him weak smile.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing. But we do gotta tell you two something." I say as I point to Brian and Tyler.
"Okay." They get up and follow me and Catie back to the room we were in before. Once we get there, I'm standing infront of Brian and Catie's in front of Tyler.
"Okay, what did ya need to tell us?" Tyler asks.
"Okay so since your staying in our tour bus, we both know that you were bound to find out anyway so we figured we would just show you now." Catie said and looked to me. I noded my head and we both pulled up our sleeves. Before we could even look up, we were pulled into hugs. Wow, how could our lives, go from being yelled at and blamed for everything, to hugging the boys of Florida Georgia line while crying?
"Un fucking believable." I know that voice all too well. Hunter.

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