Chapter 77

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I still cannot believe this is happening right now. I never would have thought in a million years that he could have survived that crash. That was one of the worsts crashes I have ever seen in my life. We walk into his hospital room and I start crying. Not happy tears and not because of Paul.. Because my uncle is in the bed next to him.
"Jeff!!! What happened?!?!"
"The golf cart gave away again and flipped this time kiddo."
"I thought that you got a new battery though."
"I did.. And Im pretty sure that it's the cart itself."
"Oh my god, were the kids and Carrie with you?!''
"No, I was going down to get ice from the store. How's your knee doin by the way?"
"It's fine, they were a little deeper than I thought but it's fine."
"You would have gotten a kick out of what C4 did this past weekend! Speaking of that, where have ya been?"
"What did he do this time and Um Ive kinda been all over the world."
"Well, he took his drink and dumped it down his pants and what do you mean?"
"I mean that my parents told me that I was really adopted and my brother who is Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of Summer came and got me and Catie and now we're on tour with him. I miss camping with you guys so much."
"Well, you can come and stay with us and the kids if you want, we can always pull down the couch."
"Yes! It would be how it used to be like!" Looks like I'm goin back to my campin

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