Chapter 57

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{Ashton's Point Of View}
Great. My sister just walked out because of me.
"I gotta go after her." I say and turn towards Luke, Tyler and Brian.
"Do what ya gotta do." Brian responded back. I walked out the door and start to run down the sidewalk. Luckily, she only went to the park a little ways down from the stadium. I walk over to the swings were she is and sit down next to her.
"What?" She says with almost no emotion on her voice.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know that was the reason that you didn't want to be there."
"You didn't need to make assumptions as soon as you walked Through the door."
"I know. I shouldn't have. I shouldve let you explain like you wanted to." I get up and walk over to her.
"Can I have a hug?" I ask her. She hugs me and I swear I hear her mumble:
"I just can't do it anymore Ashton."
"Nothing. We gotta get back. You still have a concert." She says and turns to walk back.
{Hannah's Point Of View}
Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I just blew the fact that I was trying to hid from Ashton. Because if he knows that I was thinking like I used to, he would blame himself for it.
"You okay?"
"What? Yeah I'm fine." I say back to him. We continue to walk back to the bus in pure slince. We finally get back to the bus.
"Well, I'm gonna go back with the boys. Will you be okay here?"
"Yes Ashton I'll be fine. Don't forget, I got Tyler, Luke Hunter and Brian here."
"Okay, I'll have my phone on me just incase okay?"
"Okay Ashton." I said and he turned towards the stadium and began to walk back. I walk into the bus.
"What the hell are you guys doing?"

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