Chapter 35

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Florida Georgia Line just walked through the door! I look over to Hunter and he looks back at me.
"Hey." Brian said to me, Catie, Hunter and Ethan.
"Brian Kelley." Me and Catie say together.
"Yeah, last time I checked, that's me."
"She loves you and Tyler." I'm gonna kill Hunter.
"Really? Couldn't of kept your mouth shut?" He looked down at me and started to run. I stopped him by jumping on his back. I completely forgot that we were in Luke Bryans tour bus with Florida Georgia Line.
"How ya doin?" I ask Tyler and Brian as they both look at me and Hunter. Catie and Ethan are laughing there assess off so I go up behind them and smack both of them. Catie turns around and smacks me so I return the favor. After about 5 slaps, Luke B comes over and steps between us.
"No. We are not going through this again."
"But she slapped me first."
"Well you deserved it."
"Did not."
"You both were laughing at me so I smacked yall."
"Both of you! You people really need to stop smacking each other." hunter says and I look over to Catie and can tell she is thinking the same. We walked up to Hunter and smacked him.
"There. Better for ya."
"Why don't you smack one of them?" He says and points to Tyler and Brian.
"Because, there AMAZAYN and are from Florida Georgia line."
"Better get used to it if your coming on tour with us."
"Wait your coming on tour with us too?" Tyler said.
"What do you mean too?" I ask him.
"Were coming on tour with you and tour brother." Both boys said. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

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