Chapter 53

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I hear foot steps and look up and see Tyler and Brian looking worried as hell.
"What happened?" They both ask me.
"I started thinking like I used to think."
"But why? I thought you were happy." Brian asks me.
"The last time she was at this stadium was with her best friend that ended up commiting suicide." Luke explains while I just cry even harder. The next thing I know, I'm in the middle of Luke, Tyler, Brian and Hunter.
"Please don't go back to doing that." Tyler says to me.
"To be honest, it's taking everything okay have in me not to go back to it." I hear a sniffle and look over to Brian and he is crying. Great. I've made Brian Kelley cry.
"No don't cry. Please?"
"I just feel bad though."
"Why do you feel bad? You haven't done anything wrong."
"I didn't do what I could to make you happy and to keep you from not wanting to go back to doing that." I get up and walk infront of him, sit down next to him and hug him like Luke and Hunter did to me. Why is it that I'm always crying on this bus? About 5 minutes later we both stop crying.
"So are you gonna go back to your brothers concert?" Luke asked.
"No, I just cant bring myself to it."
"Well, we can have fun while we're in the bus.."
"Tyler, should I be scared about what you just said?"

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