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Chapter 43

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We finally decided on Paranormal Activity as a movie bit I don't think Calum was to fond of that idea. Expecially seeing how it was already 9:30 pm when we started it and it was pitch black outside and we turned all the lights off. This should be so fun! About halfway through the movie, we all hear a high pitched scream. We all look around and everyone looks at me and Catie.
"Don't look at us, we didn't scream." Catie answer for the both of us.
"Then who did?" Tyler asks. We all look around the room until we reach Calum. His head is down and his cheeks are red.
"Calum, did you scream?" I ask him.
"Maybe." He says clearly embarrassed.
"Awe it's okay. Do you want a hug?" I ask and he nods his head.. I get up and walk over to him and hug him.
"Would you like to watch the rest of the movie next to me and Hunter?"
"Yes!" I get up and go sit down next to Hunter and Calum sits next to me. We finally finished the movie and we turned the light back on.
"So, do you have off tomorrow too?" Me and Catie ask Luke B while we were cleaning up the popcorn that Calum dumped everywhere.
"Yeah. We should get together again tomorrow!"
"Yass! You should come down to our bus Tomorrow!"
"Okay. Here's my number, text me when you guys wake up and that."
"Okay!" We finish picking up Luke's bus and say our goodbyes and that. Once we get outside, I feel someone grab onto my arm. I look over and Calum is scared shitless.
"Are you okay there Calum?"
"No, I'm terrified."
"Would you like me to sit in the back?"
"Yes please!" When we get in the car, I got Hunter on one side with his head on my shoulder and his arms around my waist, and Calum on the other side with a death grip on my other arm. We finally get back to the camper and once we get in we don't do anything it call it a night.

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