Chapter 66

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{Hannahs POV}
Well that fucking hurt. After I screamed at Michael, I went back to my bunk to think. I honestly don't know why I thought that I could trust him. Its late and I'm exhausted. I plug in my phone and slowly drift off to sleep.
The Next Day
I woke up and everything that happened last night slowly came back to me. I get up and look at my phone. 7:47am. I got out of my bunk and went to sit on the couch. Since we were moving to go to the next concert arena, I sat and looked out the window as we drove on the highway. I heard someone walk out but I didn't bother to look for who it was, it was probably Catie, Brandon or Ethan. I felt someone sit down next to me so I looked up. Micheal.
"Didn't think that you would be up so early." He said to me but all I did was nod my head and continue to look out the window.
"Will you please say something?"
"What is there for me to say Micheal?"
"I don't know but I don't like the fact of us not talking to each other." Well he don't know what the hell I feel like then.
"And you think I do? Don't you realize that I thought as you as one of my other brothers? Don't you realize that I put trust into you?"
"Well I realize all that now. You don't know how much this was hurting me." I didn't realize that I was crying until I felt the tears on my arm.
"Come here." I heard Michael say and as soon as he did, I stood up, moved to where he was and sat down. And as soon as I did, he puts his arms around me and I reasted my head on his shoulder and I felt myself starting to doze off. I'll tell ya what, I sure did miss this.

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