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Chapter 8

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"Harry Freaking Styles!! Give me back my phone now!"

"Only if you can catch me!" What I didnt tell the boys was that I used to do track.

"Okay no problem." So I started to chase him around the building and I was screaming his name in the process. He turns down this hallway so I follow him and it turned out to be a dead end. Sweet, I can get my phone back.

"Phone please.." I say as soon as we both reach the dead end.

"Here." And with that we start to walk back.

"What is it with you and Micheal taking my phone?"

"Because its fun. And can I ask you something?"

"Maybe for you but not for me and what?" I already feel like im going to have another anxiety attack if this is like the question Luke asked me.

"Do you and Ashton wear the bracelets for the same reason? You know seeing how there on the same wrist and all." Where is this going?

"I dont know. Why does Ashton wear the bracelets on his wrist?"

"Because before he was in 5 seconds of summer, he used to cut."

"We need to get back. Like now!"

"Why whats wrong?"

"I have anxiety and im starting to have an attack. Thats why." After I told him that, we started to run back to the room and as soon as we got there I almost couldnt breath.

"There you guys are." Ashton says but now is not the time.

"Not now Ashton."

"Why Whats wrong?"

"You know how I said I had Anxiety?"

"Wait you have have anxiety?" Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis ask at the same time.

"Yes I do. Now wherre is Catie?"

"Im right here why?"

"Lets go." And before she can say anything I pull her out of the room.

"Okay, What happend?"

"Harry took my phone so I ran after him like Mikey, then while we were walking back, he asked me if I wore the bracelets for the same reason that Ashton did and I asked what he did and then Harry told me that Ashton used to cut before he was in the band then I started to have an Anxiety Attack."

"Wait Ashton used to cut?"

"Yes." And right when I sayed that Ashton walked out and said to me,

"Now you know why I wear all the bracelets."

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