Chapter 55

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"Oh my god! I just got the best idea ever!"
"What?" All three of them yell over the loud music.
"Camping trip! All 14 of us!"
"Can I being Jason with is?" Luke asks.
"Jason?" I'm confused. Then again I'm blond so it makes sense.
"Jason Aldean."
"Oh my fucking god! Are you serious?
"Yes I'm serious."
"How do I go from crying to jumping around and laughing within like 20 minuets?"
"Because you got me and these two who make anyone laugh. Plus your boyfriends here." Brian says as he points to Luke, Tyler and Hunter.
"Oh yeah that makes sense. So for this camping trip."
"Tents outside!" Tyler and Brian scream.
"Obviously! Do we wanna do hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner?"
"Yes! And how about we go hunting too?" Luke adds.
"Of course. Camo all the way!" I say and give Luke a high five. Hunter looks down over to me and says,
"Your my country girl aren't you?"
"Yes but at least when we go huntin I'm not afraid to kill me deer like the other girls are." After I'm done with my sentence I grab his mossy oak hat and put it on.
"When our we going though?" Huh good point Tyler.
"Maybe this weekend?"

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