Chapter 5

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"You did not just say that!" Hunter practicy yelled at me.

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"You just said 'Maybe moving to Australia wont be such a bad thing."

"I did not. I was thinking it but I didnt Say it out load."

"Yes you did, sis." Ashton and everyone else must be hearing things because I did not say that out loud.

"Ashton, what are you talking about?''

"You did say it out loud." Shit! So maybe I did but I havent told Brandon  about it yet.

"You told me that he was your real brother but you never told me that you were moving half way across the country."

"I didnt tell you because I just found out today so dont blame all of this on me. If you want to blame it on someone then blame it on my 'parents' for not telling me that I was adopted until I was 16."

"Wait, they just told you guys that you were adopted?"

"Yes Ashton they just told us. Why do you think I was so pissed off that we were leaving to go with you guys. Oh and can I ask you a question?"

"Oh that makes sense now. And yes, what is it?"

"Did you forget about your tour? Why are me and Catie moving to Australia if were not even going to be able to see you half of the time?"

"No, I didnt forget about our tour. And your moving there so you will be able to be with your acutual family. And your going to go on tour with me and the boys." Wait a minuet there ON TOUR WITH ONE DIRECTION.

"Wait a minuet, aren't you guys on tour with One Direction??"

"Yes we are." Instead on screaming I just go sit on the couch and cry my heart out. Hey dont judge! They saved my life okay.

"Um sis, are you okay?'' I get up from the couch and I walk back over to them, still crying.

"Um, are you okay?" Micheal says to me.

"Yes I am absoulty wonderful!"

"So then why are you crying?"

"Just the fact that my brother and his 3 bandmates are going on tour with my favorite band  and me and my best friend who is my sister are going on tour with them." Catie walks up to me and says,

"Hannah, can I tell you something?"

"Yes of course."

"WERE GOING ON TOUR WITH OUR BROTHER WHO IS ASHTON IRWIN AND WE ARE GOING TO GET TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!" Me andd Catie scream at the top of our lungs and hug each other and jump up and down. We then run up to the boys and engulf them into a group hug.

"Hello! Did you forget about me?"

"Oh um Ashton?"


"What about Hunter?"

"Well, he can come with us as long as its fine with our maneger and his parents."

"Oh my god, you are like the best brother ever!!"

"I'll tell you right now kid, you break my sisters heart, so help me god it will be the last ting you do."....

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