Chapter 44

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I wake up and it's pitch black and completely silent. Hm weird. I look at my phone and it's only 5:30 am. No wonder why no one is up. I get up, grab my phone and go sit on the couch. Its raining out so I look out the window and watch the raindrops fall from the sky. I eventually get lost in thought. I don't even realize that someone sat down next to me. They put a hand on my knee and it makes me jump. I look up and see Hunter.
"You scared the hell out of me."
"I thought you would know it was me."
"No. Why are you up."
"Because I looked over to your bunk and didn't see you so I got worries and came looking. Now how about you?"
"Can't sleep." I go back to looking out the window until Hunter pulls me closer to him. These are the simple things about him that make me smile.
"What are you thinking about?" He asks as I rest my head on his shoulder.
"Everything in general."
"Do you ever think that you would be happy if nothing turned out the way it did?"
"No because, I wouldn't be here, with 5 seconds of summer or I wouldn't be dating someone who has a huge heart and makes me smile everyday."
"You know I would never change anything."
"Neither would I. I still can't believe your here though."
"You knew I couldn't just let you up and leave."
"But what about your friends and school and that."
"I guess I'll just have to make all of that new in Australia."
"Your moving there?"
"Yups! So I can be with you."
"Awe!" I snuggle even closer to him. I feel my eyes getting heavy and start to fall asleep on the couch, with my boys who I wouldn't want anyone else to be.

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