Chapter 71

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After about 5 minuets Ashton walks back in.
"We can talk and deal with this later but right now we need to get ready. And you all need to move your asses." Ashton says.
"What exactly are we getting ready for?" Me and Catie ask at the same time.
"The ACM Awards." He replied.
"HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!" Me and Catie scream.
"What?" Luke B asks.
"That is the biggest event in country of the year!" I scream.
"Wait, can we wear jeans? Because that's all I brought." Catie asks Luke B and Im with her seeing how that's all I brought too.
"Yeah but just don't wear ripped jeans."
"Okay!" We both say. I walk back to where my cloths are and pick out a pair of jeans and my shirt that says "Country Raised, Country Life." I go into the bathroom change and start to apply my makeup. It's very natural and the only thing that is really dressy is my eyeliner. Once I walk back out, I put on my cow girl boots and go and sit on the couch. Brian comes in and sits down next to me.
"Hi." He says as he looks to me.
"Hi. Are you and Tyler nominated for any awards?"
"Yeah we're nominated for music duo and entertainer of the year."
"That's wonderful."
"Oh just so ya know, if we win I'm calling you and your sister up on the stage." Oh. My. God.

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