Chapter 76

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I still cannot believe I am sitting next to the cast of Fast And Furious! This is amazing minus the part with Hunter. That was just absolutely ridiculous and he knows that it's ridiculous. I have absolutely no intentions on telling Ashton about it because he'll break the kids neck.
"So, how did you like Furious 7?" Mia asked me.
"It was absolutely amazing!! I literally balled my eyes out when they did the tribute to Paul Walker." I say but go quite at the end of my sentence.
"Why though? You did hear what actually happened right?"
"What are you talking Letty?"
"What I'm talking about is that he's still alive." What!
"But thats impossible! His car got completely smashed. There's no way." She stands up but I have no clue why.
"Here, come with me." I look over to Ashton and he just nods his head. I get up and follow Letty.
"Um Letty?"
"Where exactly are you taking me to?"
"I'm taking you to prove that Paul is still alive."
"Yeah. But how though? His car was absolutely destroyed by the time it crashed."
"Well, yes it was smashed up and all but when the paramedics got there, he was still alive so they took him to a hospital and I don't even know how, but they saved him." Oh my god. All this time i thought he had died, but in reality, he hasn't!!!!!

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