Chapter 52

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We finish walking to the stage and are in the dressing room. We get told that the boys have to go on and we all walk out to the stage.
"Holy shit! This is bigger than the last stadium."
"Don't swear."
"Catie don't fucking start."
"Don't swear." Hunter says mocking Catie. I wasn't in the mood so I slapped him across the chest.
"Ow!" He says rubbing the spot on his chest that I slapped.
"I told Catie not to fucking start so why wouldnt that go for you too?" I walk ahead of the rest. I was in a good mood but I realized that the last time I was at this stadium was with my best friend, Mickayla. She's the one that I told Ashton about. Catie and Hunter should know by now that when memories of her come back to me I get bitchy and defensive.
"Ashton, can we not do the stage thing tonight?" I ask once we get up there.
"Awe why?"
"Just please Ashton?"
"Yeah, are you okay?"
"Are you sure?"
"Ashton, I'm fine just go and do the sound check." He gives me a concerned look bit walks up onto the stage and leaves it at that.
"Whats your problem?" Catie asks as she walks up to me.
"You know what my problem is."
"No I don't."
"Well you should."
"Well I don't so what is it."
"Of course you don't." I say and turn around to walk away. I hear Ashton and Luke yell to me.
"Where are you going?"
"Back to the tour bus, I don't feel good."
"Oh okay, feel better." I turn around and walk to the bus. Hunter tries to stop me but I just keep on walking. I finally get back to the bus and walk in. Brian, Tyler and Luke are sitting on the counter doing god knows what. I shut the door and they look up at me.
"I thought you were supposed to be down with your brother for his concert." Luke says to me.
"I just couldnt." I say with a voice barley above a whisper. Everything starts to come back and all the memories start to come beck and I didn't even know I was crying until I felt It on my cheeks. I ran to my bunk, grabbed my phone out and started to look at all my pictures of me and Mickayla.
"Hannah?" I hear I think Luke ask
"Yeah?" I say with a sniffle at the end. My curtin opened and it was Luke.
"What's going on?"
"I'm thinking like how I used to." He immediately pulls me into a hug and I just cry and let everything go that I've been holding in.
"Why are you thinking like that?"
"Because the last time I was at this stadium it was with my best friend who committed suicide and I can't stand this without her."
"Your gonna get through this, and I'm gonna be here to help with it." After he said that I felt someone else sit down next to me so I looked up and it was Hunter. He looked to Luke and Luke let me go and Hunter pulled me right back to his chest as Luke just rubbed my back tryin to calm me down.

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