Chapter 86

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Collins just threw me into a pool. Everyone is laughin their asses off while I get out of the pool and get a towel. I go over to the tv that is outside by the fire and go onto the guide. I keep scrollin till I see the show teen wolf. I'm by myself and everyone walks over bein loud.
"Would y'all shut up please? I'm tryin to watch teen wolf." I say.
"You watch teen wolf?" Luke asks me as I nod my head.
"She don't watch it, she obsesses over it." Lilly said to Luke.
"I don't obsess Lilly, I just watch it multiple times a day." I say like it's the most obvious thing. Next thing I know Luke is in front of the TVs.
"Um move please."
"Why? I can't exactly watch teen wolf ifif your standing right there."
"Because I gotta bring you some where." I sigh and get up. I went over to tell Carrie and jeff I'm leavin and hopped in the truck. I see Luke talkin to Jeff and then he walks over to the truck and hopes in.
"Will you tell me where we are goin?" I ask but get no where.
"Nope." He replies back simply.
"Will I like it?"
"Ya probably gonna love it." Oh boy.

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