Chapter 1

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"Hannah and Caitlin! Get down here now!" And our lovley mother is yelling for us once again.

"Coming!" Me and Catie say in unison. We look at each other and burst out laughing. We reach the end of the stair case and mum said to us

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go your party starts in an hour and a half."

"Crap! We tottaly forgot about the party!" How did me and Catie forget about our sweet 16???

1 hour and 25 minuets Later...

"Let's go girls!" I hear my father shout from downstairs. We both walk down the stairs together. But there is something that isnt as usal as a normal sweet 16 would be. I have a pair of blue ripped skinny jeans, a tank top that says "On Wensdays, We Wear Pink" from my favorite movie Mean Girls, and a pair of white converses. Catie has on almost the same thing but she has just blue skinny jeans, a Nirvana tank top and black converses.

"So, wanna go to Burbon Burgers?"

" Oh my god! Yess they have such good food there." And with that we were on our way.

At Dinner....

"So, We have something to tell you girls."

"And what might that be dad?"

"Um we have had a secret that we have been keeping from you."

"What?" Me and Catie say together.

"Im not going to beat around the bush. You two are adopteded." I think my heart just stopped when my so called 'dad' told me that. Do i even call him my dad?

"And your brother is coming tomorrow to see you girls again." My 'mum' said. This day just keeps getting better and better..

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