Chapter 79

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{Ashton's POV}
She grabbed her bags and walked out with her uncle just like that. I can't believe she thinks that I hate her.
"Ashton, why the hell did you say that?" Catie asks me and I don't even know myself.
"I don't know! It just came out without being processed first!"
"Luke B, come here I need to tell you something." Catie says.
"Okay." He replied.
{Catie's POV}
I walk away and Luke follows. I turn around once I stop walking.
"You gotta go and find Hannah to make sure that she is okay. If I tell you where she is will you go and make sure?"
"Yeah of course. Where is she?"
"She's at leiti campground." And with that,he was off. Now I gotta find out what the hell Ashton was thinking.
I walk back and and go stand imfront of Ashton.

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