Chapter 75

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"Holy fucking shit." I say louder then I wanted to.
"Hey! What's up?" Ashton says, well more like yells. But he doesn't say it to just anyone, he says it to freaking Vin Diesel!!
"Toretto!!" Is the only thing I can manage to get out.
"What?" Catie asks me as I'm still in shock.
"Fast and Furious." Is the only thing I can say.
"Yeah I'm in the Fast and Furious movies. I take it your a fan of them?"
"Big one. I can sit here and quote some of Furious 7.."
"Okay do 4 quotes right now then." Oh Torreto.. That's easy.
"Okay... 'I don't got friends, I got Family.' 'You ride, I ride, You fight I fight, You die, I die.' Wheather it's a inch if a mile or a quarter of a mile, winning, is winning.' and 'Wheather you're a quarter a mile away or half way across the world you will always be my brother.'" I think they all were a little shocked after that one.
"Oh and by the way just so ya know, the quotes I made from Furious 7, were only after one time of seeing them."
"Dam girl!" Letty said to me and I just smiled. Well this is going to be a very fun night!

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