Chapter 72

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"Oh god no." I say to Brian.
"Oh yes." Before he could finish the sentence, ashton comes out.
"Let's go. Or if we don't were going to be late." He says as everyone follows after him and me and Brian get up and walk out as well.
At the awards....
We get in and get to our seats.
"I'm going to go get a bottle of water before this starts." Hunter says as he gets up.
"Okay.." I say as he turns to walk away. Me and Catie are just talking about random things. After about 10 minutes of talking with everyone, I noticed that Hunter still wasnt back.
"I'm gonna go look for Brandon and make sure he is okay." I say to Ashton.
"Okay. You got your phone right?"
"Yeah." I say as I walk off to go and find Hunter. I walk over to where the drinks and stuff are and that's when I get severely pissed off.
"What the hell are you doing?" I scream at Hunter as I walk up to him. He's talking to the One girl that bullied Me and Catie. Oh hell to the mother flying fuckin no.

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