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Chapter 67

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I slowly open my eyes back up and see everyone sitting around me. Everyone was attached to there phones, so I got up and went to go get something to drink. Once I start back down, everyone looks to me with a grin on there face.
"Okay, what did you people do now?"
"Nothing. We're just glad you and Mikey made up." I went to go open up my mouth to say something but am interupted by my phone ringing.
"Hello! This is Roxy Cholts calling how are you?" Wait, Roxy was the person in charge of the genesee symphony orchestra.
"I'm good how are you?" I say while getting up and walking to get paper, a pencil and going to the back of the bus.
"I'm good thanks. Now the reason of was calling was to see if you would be interested in something."
"Um that might be what?"
"So do you recall working with conductor Ponti last year?"
"Yes I do recall. Why are you asking?"
"I was asking because I was wondering if you would like to play with the symphony again this year? We would like to go out with a bang for Pontis last year conducting."
"Of course! I would love to play with the symphony again."
"Wonderful! You will be coming and playing in the song "1812 Overture" and the tribute to Dave Mansinies father."
"Alrighty! I will be looking forward to playing with you."
"Alright I will email you the copy of the songs and I'll let you be on your way."
"okay thank you."
"Hm bye bye." Well looks like I'm playing with the symphony again. I walk back out and everyone looks up at me.
"What was all that about?"
"I'm playing with the symphony again."

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