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Chapter 46

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"Yes I took a picture! It was absolutely adorable!" I get up and start to go after him. When I run back past Tyler and Hunter, there just laughing there assess off. I stop at the kitchen to make breakfast. Seeing as how its 11:45. Everyone else is still sleepy so to wake them up, I grab my speaker and blast that's my kinda night. They rum out and Ashton doesn't look to happy.
"What the hell are you doing."
"It was time to wake up so I woke you up." I said with a grin on my face.
"Your lucky I love you sis."
"Hehe I know."
"What are you doing?" Catie says as she walked out.
"Waking you lazy asses up." she walks over to me and slaps me.
"Ow!" And I slap her back. We continue to slap each other until Tyler pulls us apart and stops us.
"She deserved it."
"Well don't be a lazy ass and I won't blare my music."
"People! Do you do this every morning?"
"Pretty much." Me and her say together which causes us to laugh.
"So what do we want for breakfast?"
"PIZZA!" Mikey screams.
"When the hell did you even wake up?"
"Just now."
"Well no shit Sherlock!" I say while laughing.
"Don't swear!" Oh Ashton this will be very interesting.

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