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Chapter 68

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We both get up and walk out of the bus. Once we get outside, I turn to Ashton.
"Why the hell do you think that this is your fault?"
"Because if it weren't for me being in the band, you would be able to play with the symphony. And because of that, I'm holding you back from playing. " He says all of this fast, without taking a Breath, and keeps his head down.
"Ashton, look at me." He slowly lifts up his head and looks at me.
"None of this is your fault. I love being on tour with you and the boys. Don't ever think that your holding me back from playing. Because your not." I explained to him. Once I get done explaining, I go up to him and give him a hug. We walk back into the camper and once go and sit next to Micheal again.
"So do you guys got a concert tonight." Catie asks.
"Yeah we're almost to the arena now." Me and Catie just nod our heads and go back to being quiet. I quickly send a text to Catie that says,
*Do you think that I should tell the boys that I was thinking how I used to?* She replied back with,
*It's up to you but your going to have to eventually tell them.*
After about 10 minutes, Luke breaks the silence.
" Are you guys okay?"
"Yeah why?" We say in unison.
"Just because you guys are never quite. Your always loud."
"I guess we were just thinking." Catie answers for the both of us. Mikey nudges me with his elbow, so I look up to him. He mouths to me
"Come here. I gotta ask you something." I nod my head and get up and follow him. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

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