Chapter 30

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I walk out the door and start walking down the sidewalk. This is all my fault. We don't know where Ashton is because of me. I shouldn't have ever said anything at all to anyone. I wouldn't be in this mess now. We have been in NYC for about a week so while I was walking, I went to the place that Ashton first took me and Catie when we got here. I go and walk over to the swings. Someone was on one of the swings but I didn't know who because they had a hood on and black sunglasses. I go and sit on the swing next to him.
"This is all my fault." I say to myself.
"Hannah?" The person sitting next to me says. At first I got really scared bit then I recognized the voice.
"Ashton?" He took his sunglasses off and low and behold it was Ashton.
"What's all your fault?"
"Why you ran out."
"It's not your fault."
"Ashton, you don't have to act like its not. I know it is. I'm used to it."
"It's not your fault okay? Its mine."
"How is it your fault." I look up from the ground and to Ashton.
"It's my fault because I should have been there for you and Catie. I should have come and gotten you way sooner but I didn't. I couldn't be there when all this was happening and I should have been." I'm bawling by now. I hear a sniffle and look over to Ashton. He's crying as well.
"I don't even deserve to have you and Catie as my sisters." my heart is broken right now.
"Yes you do Ashton."
"No. What I did to you guys was awful." He stands up and starts walking away.
"Ashton! It doesn't matter. What matters is that you put forth the effort to bring us on tour and quite frankly I don't care that what happened in the past happened." I finally caught up to him and turned him around so he can't walk away.
"I'm a horrible brother." I go up to him and hug him as tight as I can.
"Ashton your not a horrible brother. Your part of the reason why me and Catie are still alive."
"I'm sorry." Was all he kept repeating to me.

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