Chapter 42

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My phone starts to ring and Cold Beer Drinker starts to play. I look down and it's Niall. Again.
"Yes Niall?"
"I'm lonely!"
"Where's Harry Liam Louis and Zayn?"
"They left! I'm all by myself!"
"Hold on, let me call them."
"Okay." I hang up the phone and get confused looks from everyone.
"They left Niall by himself and now he is lonely. I'll put my conversation on speaker OK?"
"Okay." Everyone says. I call Harry.
"Harry, get your ass home."
"Well hello to you too."
"I'm serious. Niall is lonely and said that you and the others left him."
"He was being annoying."
"I don't give dam. Get your asses home or so help me I'm gonna come home and slap yall."
"Okay. Mum."
"Don't start with me."
"Fine. Tell him we're on our way."
"Love ya guys!"
"Love ya too." I hang up the fun and look around.
"Overprotective much?" Brian says.
"No, it's called being responsible." I call Niall back.
"Hello?" He says.
"Hey, there on their way back."
"Yay! When are you guys coming home?"
"I don't know."
"Oh. They just pulled in."
"Okay well call me if you need me."
"Okay I will. Bye."
"Bye Niall." I hang up the phone and look up.
"Nothing." they all say.

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